Pre-wedding girls hike along Lumpy Ridge, CO

Early last Friday morning, we met the bride and some of her closest girlfriends for a hike on Lumpy Ridge.We brought the bride’s dogs, Maya and Dexter along, as well as her nephew! Ryder popped wheelies on his bike on the way to the trailhead! Can you believe he’s only four?!We were told there was a mountain lion seen on the trailso we didn’t make it very far. However, we did have lots of fun taking photos!Dexter wasn’t the only one panting. I’m not used to hiking at an elevation of nearly 8000 feet and got pretty out of breath!

I got a nice photo with my mother-in-law and my cousin’s girlfriend, Sammy!

We clearly didn’t pay attention to the bottom sign!We had three dogs with us and a bike!It was a brilliant blue day and wonderful for hiking with the girls!

 After our short hike, the bridal party went to get pampered at the Stanley Hotel. I was lucky to get this nice shot of the bride and her mother beforehand!My mother-in-law and I hung out with the bridal party and even helped with the place cards for the wedding! I can’t wait to show you how cute they are in my next few posts!!

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