Thursday travels to Colorado

Last Thursday, Mr. F and I flew to Denverand drove to Estes Park, Colorado with Mr. F’s parents.We saw horses on our way to the Lodge on Lake Estes.We had an amazing view of the lake from our hotel room.We watched a rain squall come and go before visiting the bride and groom at their rental house on Devil’s Gulch Road.

Dexter, the King Shepard, immediately greetedus when we arrived. Mr. F calls him a direwolf! Dex kept cool in the 90 degree heat by laying in puddles.The bride pointed out the Lumpy Ridge behind the house, including Alligator Rock!The bride and groom went with us to a fun bar and steakhouse for dinner. The bride,  the groom and the whole family had a great time catching up before all the other wedding guests arrived.We all had a good laugh that the bride will now have three C names! Mr. F wants to call her “C-3PO” but she prefers C to the 3.

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