Grandpa Larry, Tootie and Tom come to visit! Part One

My Grandmother, Tootie, Tom and Grandpa Larry arrived on Wednesday with a whole box load of peonies for me! Rusty made us chicken wraps with pine nuts, goat cheese and cilantro, on black eyed peas and braised kale.I brought some of the peonies to work on Thursday and they brighten up my desk!

On Saturday, we went to the Lurie Gardens.
Uncle Tom enjoyed his semi-freddo dipped in chocolate 

I love taking photos with Tootie.

We were treated to a free symphony concert as we walked through Millennium Park. 
Of course Tootie wanted a picture with the bean. I was happy to accomodate.

Grandpa Larry got the whole history on the Bean from a security guard. He makes friends with everyone! We also walked to the Art Institute of Chicago to check out the free exhibit. I thought it was spiritual and grotesque. Grandpa Larry thought it symbolized the circle of life  with birth, life and death.

We got tired after walking around for a few hours in the sun, so we took a siesta before meeting up for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Piccolo Sogno. 

I’ll post more pictures from dinner tomorrow. Tonight we’re going on a driving tour of Lincoln Park and going on a sunset dinner cruise. I got a Groupon for the Odyssey!

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