Photos of the week!

Last Friday, we had a Game of Thrones marathon with my cousin, Katy, and her adorable Tokanese kittens, Lewis and Clark.They love to purr so much! 
This weekend we tried out a couple burger places with fun patios. We went to the Butcher & the Burger in Lincoln Park. 

 I loved the patio with its potted tomato plants and herbs.I really enjoy pretzel buns especially this All-American version burger!

On Sunday, we revisited on of our favorite burger places, 5 Star bar. We love their $6 burgers, especially  the 5 Star burger with a fried egg and hot sauce. It’s amazing! The afternoon was really hot with temperatures in the mid 90s so we played with the kittens inside  with intermittent patio reading. This week has been crazy but I’m looking forward to my grandparents and uncle visiting tomorrow through the weekend. I’m also debating if I should get new glasses. These fun mocha colored frames are Chanel! Should I get new glasses?

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