From Kodiak to Chicago via SeaTac

This is last Monday. We left a cool, cloudy Kodiak and saw fantastic views over the Pacific Ocean. (By the way, did you know Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States?)We also flew over beautiful mountains on the way down to Anchorage.Kuky even posed in front of the Alaskan Range at the airport in Anchorage.We went over a gorgeous glacial lake on the way to Washington.Mr. F got really homesick when we flew over Seattle. Although, I bet he doesn’t miss the commute across 520! We had a layover for a couple of hours in SeaTac, so we stopped at a local wine shop to ogle over the Washington wine.We laughed when we saw this label! It’s great wine too.

This week in Chicago, we enjoyed temperatures in the 70s and 80s, which is about 40 degrees warmer then Kodiak!We met friends at the Do Division street festival on Sunday!

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