Fossil Beach in Kodiak, Alaska (Family Vacation Day 4)

On Sunday morning, most of our family took a trip in the 15 seater van for a hour drive to Fossil Beach. (My youngest sister decided to sleep in.)Apparently, there are less than 100 miles of road on Kodiak Island. We drove to the end of one of these roads past Pasagshak and the Kodiak Launch Complex. We also saw free-roaming bison and baby bison, on our way! When we parked, the fossil cliffs were prominent against the slightly cloudy blue sky. Since the rain was holding off,  Mr. F and I immediately went exploring.My sister’s boyfriend found a neat sea creature called a chitonWe also found a beautiful waterfall.For lunch, one of my mom’s childhood friends built a driftwood fire and showed us how to roast hot dogs with nearby sticks. We all got a kick out of it,especially my dad! We all enjoyed our gorgeous lunch view too.

After several sandwiches and hot dogs, we hiked over the top of the fossil cliffs to look for whales.Unfortunately, we didn’t see whales, but there were fantastic views and old World War II bunkers to explore.Aunt Tina and Janie enjoyed posing for a few pictures.Chris found some bald eagle feathers. We even got a group picture of our Fossil Beach gang, before it started raining, and we all piled back into our periwinkle van.

My sister, Katie, stood in line for more crab legs while we were driving back from Fossil Beach!
On our last evening in Kodiak, we went hot tubbing and out to dinner with family friends. My mom, uncle and grandmother were so happy to visit with old family friends throughout this trip!

Did I mention that the sun doesn’t set until nearly midnight? This picture was taken at 10:30pm!

My 86 year old grandmother, Tootie, was such an inspiration throughout our trip. She went everywhere with us and never complained, even when cold. She even made friends with a nice couple at the hotel who took her and my grandfather all over town sightseeing! 
At the end of the night, my mom made friends with local fisherman, and asked for some older net for her garden!It was a great last night to spend with the family. 

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  1. Julia

    Your family is too cute! Love that Tootie made friends with another couple. 🙂 how fun! Looks like it was such a fun reunion!


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