Around Kodiak (Family Vacation Day 3)

Last Saturday, it was actually sunny, so we went back to Fort Abercrombie for more beach combing! The mountains were outand they looked beautiful. While we enjoyed the slightly warmer temperatures on the beach, my sister, Janie,  her boyfriend and my parents went fishing.They caught halibut and cod, in between bouts of seasickness!

In the afternoon, the whole family checked out Island Seafood. My parents looked at shippable seafood options, while my grandparents took pictures with the fish. My sisters and I took crabby pictures.Mr. F and I loved posing with the crab too. 

Before dinner, we went to Near Island North Park. It was an easy hike through woods and rocky beaches.Chris pretended the kelp was a lasso. It ended up breaking in half, right after I took this photo, and nearly smacked me in the face! Fortunately, it bounced off the top of my head. It was hilarious. While we were hiking, and visiting the other major Kodiak harbor,  my sister, Katie, stood in line at the Crab Fest for King Crab legs.Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures from our fourth day at Fossil Beach!

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