From Chicago to Kodiak

Last week, we left the sweltering 90 degree weather in Chicago for the long Memorial day weekend. We flew from O’Hare, across Canada, over the snow capped mountain tops, through Anchorage and to our family reunion in Kodiak, Alaska. It was sunny but in the 50s when we arrived in Kodiak.My parents had arrived earlier in the day, so they picked us up in a 15 seater van. My grandparents, uncle, youngest sister and her boyfriend were all on the same plane from Anchorage with us.Immediately, I was impressed by and started taking pictures of all the majestic mountains!Thursday afternoon, my mom, aunt, uncle and grandmother met up with old family friends. My mom’s family lived in Kodiak in the 1960s.We also had time to visit the harbor before dinner. At this time of year, it stays light until after 11:30pm at night!It was great to see my sisters!

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