Last weekend, Denver, this weekend, St. Louis!

This week has flown by so fast!  Mr. F and I went to Denver for a conference last weekend. We stayed at the lovely Brown Palace Hotel.The first night, we visited Mr. F’s cousin in Boulder, and met her new puppy. Dexter is a 6 month old King Shepard and he’s huge! He’s also really well trained. We saw Consuelo chilling on the table with bonsai trees. We walked along Pearl Street in Boulder and had fun Latin food.After dinner, we played with both of the puppies for a little while longer before going back to Denver.Maya is a sweetheart and loved wrestling with Dexter. My, what big teeth you have, Dexter!

Mr. F and I wandered around Denver, Friday morning, before the conference started.We saw lots of neat sculptures around the Denver Art Museum. After my training sessions, we walked along the Cherry Creek  to enjoy oysters at a cute place in LoDo (Lower Downtown) called, the Kitchen. We also met up with Mr. F’s other cousin!Denver was so gorgeous and sunny! We quickly realized that in the “mile high” city that you need to wear more sunscreen than at sea level! We also noticed a lot of griffins around the Brown Palace, it reminded us of Gryffindor! This definitely inspired me to join Pottermore. Have you tried it?

This weekend, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in St. Louis! I’m excited to take pictures at the Botanic Gardens! 

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