The last week in pictures

The tulips in Chicago are stunning this month. Although, many are starting to look quite windblown. 
On Friday night, we had a BBQ with our friends, and played with their Tokanese kittens. Unfortunately, I have trouble telling which one is Lewis and which one is Clark. 

Appartently, Lewis has the longer nose….

Yesterday, we went to the Slurping Turtle for lunch!We’ve wanted to go here, for some time now, and it totally met our expectations. We got to sit at a table next to the window, right next to the sign! I got a cute cocktail called, “Spirited Away”. 
Have you seen the movie, Spirited Away

We also had amazing gyozaand cool noodle dishes. 
I got the Shoyu and Mr. F got the Tonkotu.
egg noodle, pork shoulder, classic tokyo style soy broth
egg noodle, silky pork broth, braised pork shoulder
They were both absolutely delicious, but we both preferred  my soy broth more. It tasted like peanut sauce!
Here’s the trailer for Spirited Away:
Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

 This morning, I’m off to my cousin’s DIY party. We’re making macarons, paper flowers, glittery cake toppers and stormy morning cocktails. I can’t wait!

One thought on “The last week in pictures

  1. May Loh

    I loved Spirited Away! Such a brilliant animation….but my favourite has to be the lovely Totoro! All these yummy food pics are making me very hungry! 🙂 Also thanks for stopping by at my blog and commenting!
    may x


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