Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Chicago Style!

We had a Pot(O’Gold)luck at work on Friday, with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots from a local deli and many green desserts! Someone even made Irish Soda Bread and brought Irish Butter!We also had Green River punch! 

 On St. Patrick’s Day, we meet our cousins for a hearty breakfast and the parade down Columbus Street.It was a hot, 80 degree day, which is so bizzare. Apparently it was in the 30s last year. It seemed like, everyone came out for the parade fully decked out in green! There could have easily been half a million people in the Loop at the same time as us.  The ice skating rink was still set up in Millennium Park, melting away in the bright sun!We had to see the Chicago River dyed green so we waded through the crowds to Wabash Ave. Apparently, orange vegetable dye is used to make the river so neon green. It was fascinating but gross at the same time. Our lepre-cats even dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day!Obviously, Lily and Lulu loved being lepre-cats. 🙂

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