Wedding Pinterest Obsession

I’m having a wedding planning/pinning spree! My sister-in-law, Mr. F’s cousin, my cousin, Katy and now my Canadian cousin are all getting this married this year. I love wedding planning so much that I’ve made a board for each of them.

My sister-in-law is getting married in Austin, Texas, in October,

 and is considering a red and white theme for the Danish flag. (The groom is Danish.)

 Blue is also one of her favorite colors and Prickly Pear cacti will also be incorporated.

She loves short wedding dresses!

Mr. F’s cousin, Colleen, is getting married in July, outside of Boulder, Colorado. Colleen has a board inspired by wide open spaces, mountains, and rocky outcrops.

 She tells me her colors are white and blue after the Colorado flag.

 She also has two dogs that will some how participate in the wedding!

 Yes, Colleen has a dog that is nearly this big, but perhaps not as shaggy.

My cousin, Katy, is getting married in November, in Chicago

 and I’m a bridesmaid too!

 She’s thinking about purples, orange, a little grey and a little green and maybe a little lace. She also likes these watercolor invitations.

I just started a board for my Candian cousin, who recently got engaged. She’s thinking of getting married this Fall in Ottawa! I’m thinking she’ll be a classic bride with an eye for fashion, Source: via Emily on Pinterest
like a graceful ballgown with spunky kate spade heels,

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

  or statement necklace.

 I remember Sarah braiding my hair as a kid, so maybe she’d like an intricate updo!

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