Birthday Weekend in Boise

Mr. F and I celebrated our birthdays and our friend’s birthday in Boise and McCall. After work last Friday, we flew to Idaho. On Saturday, we drove from Boise to McCall.It was a bright and brilliantly blue day. Shorty (the black lab, corgi mix) and Jax (the Pomeranian, corgi mix) were super excited to go too. Shorty was less excited when he found out he had to be in the back with all the luggage.Jax was the lucky one and wanted to sit on the driver’s lap.We saw lots of gorgeous fields, cows, and the distant Sawtooth mountains, driving through Boise and its suburbs.We left Boise in the late afternoonand arrived in Cascade around sunset. It was a gorgeous drive to our friend’s family cabin. We made dinner when we arrived and Shorty helped pick up the scraps.Chef Mr. F made egg noodles with cilantro sauce, peppers, tomatos, avocado and scallops.
Sunday morning, we woke up to another beautiful sunny day! We played with the puppies on the frozen lake. Shorty and Jax had so much fun racing back and forth on the snow.Yes, I had fun being a dork too.We did a little shopping in McCall, Sunday. I found some fun Patagonia button up shirts for Mr. F and a Lole tunic for me at a place called “Mountain Monkey Business”! 
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

On President’s Day, it was snowing and several inches accumulated overnight and that morning. The puppies really enjoyed us throwing snowballs to them!Jax loved eating the snow as it flew in his face!Doesn’t he remind you of a little fox?Mr. F had fun with the icicles, and pretended to be a unicorn.Our drive back to Boise was pretty snowy. It was like driving through a winter wonderland! We even saw a giant muskie statue at the gas station.Jax had fun posing for pictures andhe danced along to a few songs too.On that last night in Boise, we went to Cosmic Pizza for some of the best pizza ever. We had the Galatic Fair with mini corn dogs, the amazing Mac and Cheese pizza,and last but not least the Pesto Margarita pizza! Happy Birthday us!

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