Mr. and Mrs. F’s Valentine’s Dinner

Mr. F made a wonderful and colorful dinner last night for Valentine’s Day. While the water was starting to boil for the fresh pasta, we cut up red and anaheim peppers, and mashed up avocados. Mr. F made an avocado alfredo sauce by pan frying garlic, the anaheim peppers, and adding heavy whipping cream before the mashed avocado. Then, he pan fried skirt steak and  creole spices. As if fresh pasta with avocado alfredo sauce wasn’t amazing enough, Mr. F also caramelized onions and the remaining red peppers  and then melted cheese curds on top of them. 
Isn’t it beautiful? It was absolutely delicious too!
For dessert, Mr. F had also picked up a panna cotta and a creme brûlée from Whole Foods. They were delectable and surprisingly very gourmet tasting. 

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