Why is there more snow in Seattle than Chicago?

On Saturday night, we enjoyed Indian food and dancing in Lakeview. My cousin, Katy, and I unintentionally wore the same print from J. Crew!We danced at a place called Berlin’s that had an abominable snowman behind the bar!This weekend, there was still 3-4 inches of snow in Chicago, but last night, it poured and all the snow was gone this morning. We saw flurries all day but nothing accumulated. Today, I got a text from my sister in Washington, a few hours North of Seattle, and she has 16 inches of snow! Soot, her cat, loves it. This is so bizarre! [Weather.com reports, “While rare, snow is not unheard of in Seattle.’ ‘The Emerald City sees much less snowfall (5.9 inches) each season than many other major cities in the northern tier of country, including Chicago and New York City.”]

 Mr. F and I had a date night at mk tonight! We celebrated his bonus with a bottle of Cayuse ImpulsivoWe nibbled on gravlox as we ordered appetizers of octopus and butternut squash ravioli. Mr. F ordered the venison with black mushrooms and corn grits. I had the veal porterhouse with oyster mushrooms and sugar snap peas!For dessert we had the mucho chocolate! It was the perfect finish to a lovely dinner date. We were pleasantly surprised when they gave us guava jelly and guava brownies before we left! Mr. F and I can’t wait to go back and try the tasting menu!

One thought on “Why is there more snow in Seattle than Chicago?

  1. gck

    YUM! I will have to check out that restaurant the next time I’m in Chicago.

    Don’t get me started on the Seattle snow. I was out of town this weekend and thought I’d miss it all, but I got back in time for more today and a predicted 6-10 inches tomorrow. The city is going to shut down!


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