I’m going to be a bridesmaid this Fall!!

I just got asked to be a bridesmaid on Friday!!!!!!! I love wedding planning so this news, totally, made my day.

The bride got engaged on Sunday, so themes, colors and the venue have not been formalized yet. Here are some of the dresses I could imagine would work with the current ideas being thrown around:

J.Crew’s Adrienne dress in silk taffeta (not in this color, perhaps the Pacific blue or a purple)

Source: jcrew.com via Emily on Pinterest

Anthropologie’s Bursting Sweetshade

I love BHLDN’s Couplet dress and actually just bought because there was a 40% off all sale items! I also had a $50 gift gift card, so the dress ended up being only $26 with shipping!!

Source: bhldn.com via Emily on Pinterest

The bride to be loves J.Crew and Anthropologie, so I can’t wait to see what the bridesmaids get to wear. I’m also very excited to go wedding dress shopping with her!!

Congrats to our best friends in Chicago!!

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