It’s snowing in Chicago, heavily!

It started snowing at 10 am this morning and nearly an inch of snow per hour has fallen since then. My carpool buddy and I were lucky enough to leave work at 1pm to avoid terrible commute traffic. This is the first big snow of the season so traffic apparently gets pretty crazy.
This is my beautiful, snow covered walk home.

 It’s normally only 5 blocks from where I’m dropped off, but I took a little detour to pick up some things for a friend who just got engaged!!!!First, I went to Paper Source, where I found Christmas cards and ornaments for 50% off. I also purchased some lovely vintage Valentine cards and some bride-to-be sticky notes. I may have also purchased a few bridal magazines.Four blocks from my house, I sent a text of this Jenny Yoo window display to my newly engaged friend and asked her if she’d like to visit this store soon! And then the real beauty hit me:My street is majestic in white. I couldn’t stop taking pictures, even with the wind blowing snow in my face.The kitties were so happy that I got home early. They’re both curled up on either side of me, as I blog.

This is the view from my window.

In an hour, I’m going to meet the bride-to-be at J.Crew to look at dresses and then have dinner. Mr. F gets back from his business trip later this evening too! I hope O’Hare doesn’t delay him with all this snow. Fortunately, his flight is on time soooooo far! 
Happy January everyone!

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