Our weekend foodie adventures

We went to brunch at Orange on Saturday!I love getting frushii and the pancake flights at Orange. We also had fresh pressed grapefruit juice! It was super foamy and delicious too. Bananas and Plantains were the special pancake flight this week! My favorite was the banana cupcake, featured in the lower right hand corner of the plate with pecans. 
They were all so delicious.The sunset on Saturday was pretty too. I absolutely love our view.Later Saturday night we went to the Farmhouse for dinner with Mr. F’s cousin and Sammy.

We had cheese curds, mussels with sopressata, delicious grass-fed burgers, and fig bread pudding. There’s a huge local beer selection too. We had an amazing experience and can’t wait to go back!

After dinner, we had our friends come over to play Rockband! We had a great time singing the night away.  Today, we were lazy and read all day. Mr. F made a delicious scramble with sopressata and green onions for brunch. We also got delicious Thai takeout for dinner! Now we’re watching Footloose!

It makes me want to dance more!

Source: imdb.com via Emily on Pinterest

We did interrupt the movie when we got a call from the in-laws and another call from a friend. We just heard the most exciting news! I promise to share it in the next few days, but I’m soo happy!!

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