TGIF and the Four Hour Body

Good morning! There’s a beautiful sunrise this morning in Chicago! 

Wow, it was only a four day work week, but Mr. F and I are super tired just the same. The flu is going around, so I hope we don’t get it. 

We’re trying to be more diligent with the Four Hour Body diet suggestions since the holidays. Well, at least Mr F. is strictly following the diet. 
Five rules for cutting body fat: 1. Avoid “white” carbohydrates 2. Eat the same few meals over and over again [thankfully, Mr. F is an awesome cook and we have great leftovers]3. Don’t drink calories 4. Don’t eat fruit 5. Take one day off per week [yay for Saturdays!]
I’m a carb monster and eat unhealthy items at work. (When Dunkin Donuts are brought to work, how do you say no? Plus, when I do say I’m not hungry, my boss says I need the calories!) I am proud to say that I’ve worked out three times in the last four days, with kettlebells swings, turkish getups, lots of abdominal and other back/chest exercises.

We’re also following the sleep suggestions in the Four Hour Body:
How to Fall Asleep Faster: * Focus on getting to sleep * 67ºF to 70ºF is the best room temperature to fall asleep [check!]* Eat a large fat-and protein-dominated meal 3 hours before bedtime [check!]* Use low light in the bedroom * Take a cold bath an hour before bed [Mr. F does this, I can’t handle it]* Use a humidifier to generate cool mist [check!] I’m not sure if we’re utilizing these tips to the fullest, but when we do, we do get a great night’s sleep!

P.S. I love Saturdays.

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