New Year’s Weekend!

As I walked home in the rain on Friday night, I was enchanted to see two white horse carriages go by me. 

 Saturday night, we had my BFF from high school, Mr. F’s cousin and his girlfriend come over for dinner. Chef Mr.F made cilantro shrimp appetizers, veal chops, and baked potato coins for our New Year’s Eve dinner. I made the Pioneer Woman’s Christmas Rum cake with hibiscus rum as the glaze! We enjoyed it so much, I forgot to get pictures of the final product before we started eating it! After dinner and several champagne toasts, we went to a bar in Lakeview at Sammy’s request. Here are some pictures from Friar Tuck’s:

On New Year’s Day, we had brunch at the place called, Brunch. We stayed up too late the night before, so we decided to watch Arrested Development for most of the afternoon.
Chef Mr. F made brisket for dinner!It was the perfect comfort food after a weekend of indulgence.

 When we woke up Monday morning, there was snow on the ground!! The kitties wanted us to stay inside with them all day, but Andy Mac and I decided to brave the elements.

It was 26 degrees outside with a significant wind chill. We walked all around the Near North Side and our cheeks were freezing!Most of the snow is gone this morning, but it was 12 degrees out with a wind chill that made it 3 degrees! 
Thanks for visiting, Andy Mac!
Happy New Year, everyone!

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