Top 11 moments of 2011

11. Guell Park in Barcelona 
10. Tapas at Quimet et Quimet in Barcelona 
9. Grabbing the last Cayuse at Wine Discount Center, also the last God Only Knows at Compass Wines
8. Moving to Chicago for Mr. F’s job and having him get a promotion in less than a year
7. Getting 4 interviews in Chicago, in February. 
6. Getting a job before moving to Chicago! 
5. Visiting FIGGINS in Walla Walla, Washington and tasting their inaugural 2008 Red Blend in their vineyard!

4. Swimming in Lake Michigan, this summer, in 70-90 degree weather! 
3. Vacationing with our friends in Cabo. 
2. Visiting Montjuic in Barcelona. 
1. Our three year wedding anniversary! 

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