Workouts for the New Year

The 4 Hour Body book by Tim Ferriss introduced me to kettlebells. He has great time-saving exercises and is all about minimum effort for maximum effort. He has also done extensive and very interesting research on nutrition and diet too. He calls it the slow-carb diet and my husband adheres to it religiously. Obviously, I do not.

I usually do 30 minute kettlebell exercises 3-4 times a week, alternating swings with back and chest exercises with additional abdominal exercises every time. I used to run in the warmer weather, but now I run in place and do jumping jacks between 3 sets of swings for cardio.

I like Tim Ferriss’ 6 minute ab routine with the bosu ball. [We do not have a gym membership. We just own 5 kettlebells of varying sizes-15lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, 55lb, a yoga mat, and a bosu ball. We also bought two medicine balls, but do not use them frequently.] (Swings on pages 7-8, on back and chest days I also do the Turkish Getup 5 times only, see pages 10-11)

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