Gingerbread houses!!

We have a gingerbread house contest ongoing at work. I think my team is going to win, especially with all our neat details.I mean, how cute is this chocolate ball, Milk Dud, Twizzler, peppermint, Tootsie Roll cat?!

 Our team was really creative and went all out! The only rule in the contest is use edible ingredients. We used a gingerbread house kit, but added a second story and tower with gingerbread graham crackers. We painted the house with Grinch green icing but then covered the majority of it with bread sticks. We painted the door and shutters red with icing. We made a wreath out of Fruit Roll-up, a peppermint, and red chocolate balls. The windows were made of blue taffy!We made a pond with melted blue gumballs, marshmallow snow, a reindeer out of Tootsie Rolls, and frost with eyes made out of mini marshmallows!We circled the chimney with Twizzlers and made trees out of ice cream cones with frosting! It was such a fun work bonding event!
Here are some Gingerbread Houses examples that gave us ideas.

Here’s one of our competitors. They may, or may not, have used non-edible items…… Here are the other competitors from other departments.


Happy Holidays!

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