My Thanksgiving Week in Pictures!

Chicago was freezing last week! One of our tricks was to warm up with matzo ball soup at the local deli. Fortunately, the weather only got nicer over the short week. It’s actually warmer in Chicago than in Seattle!

Thursday morning, we drove to St. Louis for Thanksgiving weekend! We arrived a few hours before dinner. We had wild turkey seasoned with bacon, made by Mr. F’s Uncle Logan!It was a completely different kind of turkey! Check out the color difference between the white and dark meat!This was my first Thanksgiving in St. Louis, so Aunt Cammi told us she used her best china and silver! Uncle Logan had saved wishbones for us all to play with, after dinner! 

The day after Thanksgiving, we went for a hike at Rockwoods ReservationIt was gorgeous, sunny day, in the upper 60s! We brought the kitties with us and they have had a good time exploring their grandparents house.  They have had to contend with a new dog and cat but Lily and Lyra seem to be making the best of it. 
Today, it was raining in St. Louis and didn’t make for great photos. We had lunch in the Loop at Fitz’s and I had a ginger ale float.   I’m so happy we still have one more day until the work week starts!
Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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