Food and friends in Seattle! (Seattle Vacation part 3)

Mr. F and I went on our favorite beach walk in Washington last Tuesday! We drove to the South end of 32nd Ave W on Magnolia and walked along the rocky beaches. We noticed there had been a landslide recently!
 We had a late lunch at our favorite oyster bar, Walrus and Carpenter. We even had our favorite waitress and Full Pull employee, Emily!We tried 6 different kinds of oysters  from Washington and British Columbia. The Barron Points are at Mr. F’s thumb, the 12 o’ clock position, the Eld Inlet at the 1 o’ clock position, the Eagle Rock at 4, the huge Amai at 6 o’ clock, the Baywaters are at 9, and Effingham oysters are at the 11 o’clock position. Mr. F and I had so much fun taking pictures, the lady next to us asked if we were “newlyweds”. We’ve been married three years and have known each other for 10! It’s good to know we still act so cute together!Our favorite oysters werethe Amai oysters! 
For dessert, we had a divine Bay Leaf Panna Cotta.It had fresh, ripe blackberries on top too!
At dinner, we celebrated our vacation with an amazing bottle by Gorman winery called, the Albatross at Buenas Aires GrillIt was dense, deliciously decadent, and colossal. Mr. F and I ordered the mixed grill with steak, chicken, sausage and sweet meats to pair with it. There were also papas fritas on the side!Our eyes must have been bigger than our stomaches because we took half of our dinner home to my parents!

On Wednesday, I got to spend time with a great friend from college and her adorable baby! My wonderful friend also has a blog called, Sessions with Sweetie.

This is, seriously, one of the best babies I have ever held. She never cried and went to sleep after gurgling and being cute for an hour!

  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since J and I moved into our freshman year dorm together!!
 Later, Wednesday night, we packed up our things for our flight to Walla Walla. More about our college reunion and wine tasting to come!!!

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