Stanwood and Bellingham (Seattle vacation part 2)

On Monday afternoon we drove an hour North of Seattle to our family’s hobby farm. We found a new barn cat that adopted us. It’s super cute with beautiful markings and really friendly.Tiger is our other barn cat, on the left.  He’s very talkative and a good mouser.

When we visited the horses, they were excited when we tossed them apples from the orchard. Zoey (the pretty paint on the right) came running when she saw the apples.Jake even posed for us, while Pokie (on the right) ate all the apples.Mr. F and I donned boots to check out the new calves and the fields.

Later in the afternoon, we drove up to Bellingham to see my middle sister’s new house! They live on a lake with a dock! Mr. F and I were kind of jealous and can’t wait to visit again.Isn’t their little red house cute?My sister has a cute cat that adopted her too. It’s name is Soot. We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with a fun BBQ of freshly caught salmon, brats and burgers!
Fortunately, my sister and her boyfriend were prepared for grilling in the rain! They are not only grill masters, but amazing fishermen and crab catchers! 

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