Fun Friday and a Sunny/Stormy Saturday

We had a half day at work on Friday for a summer bowling competition! It was so fun to have the afternoon off for a work bonding activity! 

We had different competitions like a frame of “bowl with our your opposite hand”and a frame of “bowl backwards between your legs”.In the end, my blue team won!

This morning, we walked to the Field Museum for the last weekend of the Horse exhibit. We stopped at the Doughnut Vault on the way and got a pistachio glazed doughnut. It was the perfect combination of lightness and sweetness. I’m not sure I’ve had a better doughnut. 
We continued along the river walk to walk along the Lakefront trail, in between Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan to museums. I loved the Horse exhibit. I’ve meant to see it all summer and it fortunately lived up to my hype. We were not able take pictures in the exhibit but here are a few pictures from the Field Museum site. 

The Deborah Butterfield sculpture was my favorite because my college had one of her sculptures too! 
Today! Baby-faced 2005 
 Before the Horse exhibit, we also saw the Ghosts of Tsavo!
 When we left the museum, the skies were stormy and ready to burst. 
 We fortunately made it to lunch in Printer’s Row before it started pouring.
 After lunch, we took a cab to go see Harry Potter!!!
If that wasn’t enough of a cool Chicago weekend, we’re now watching Ferris Bueller!

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