A Photo Documentary of Our Michigan Trip

On Thursday, we drove to Frankfort, Michigan to visit the in-laws. We stopped for lunch in Holland, Michigan!

 We were so excited to see Horatio! 

One of our favorite things about visiting the Machek cabin and Lake Michigan is the walk to Point Betsie. 

 Lee Lee enjoyed jumping in the waves along the walk to the lighthouse.  It was in the upper 80s even at 10 am. 

For lunch, we went into Frankfort, Michigan. 
We saw sandy dunes and tall ships! 
We jumped in Lake Michigan  for the second time on Friday. 
Another favorite activity of ours is reading on the deck!

 On Saturday, we swam more and had ice cream in Frankfort. It was more fun to take pictures then deal with sticky, drippy ice cream!  On Sunday, we went for a run around Crystal Lake. We then played tennis and had to jump into Lake Michigan one more time before driving back to Chicago.  It was a wonderful whirlwind trip, that seemed amazingly relaxing and long. The drive back was a little lame, so it may be next summer before we drive to Frankfort again!

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