Beautiful messy hair and updos

I love messy, curly, wavy, bedhead hair. Fortunately, my hair loves to be messy, although frizzy is my forte. I saw this phrase on Pinterest and had to blog about beautiful hair.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

With the heat and humidity this summer in Chicago, my curls are more hydrated but I love having my hair up instead. This is what it typically looks like at the end of the day.

Source: via Lynne on Pinterest

I’d like to make it more like this…

Source: None via Breanna on Pinterest

My hair is not that straight, so it ends up looking slightly more like this….

Sometimes I wear my glasses…

I’d like to try more intricate updos like this……..

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

When it’s cooler, I’d like to have more hair down more like this…

After work maybe my hair can look more like this…

I like this messy undo hair for evening too.

Source: via Susie on Pinterest

In an ideal world, I would love to have Shakira-like curls. 
Source: None via cate on Pinterest

Recently, my hair has been up in a ponytail exclusively, unless I’m inside an air-conditioned building!

One thought on “Beautiful messy hair and updos

  1. That's Sassy

    I have super straight thick hair and have always been envious of those who have curley hair but Im sure thick curly hair is not fun in summer heat as much as my thick straight hair!! I just think messy curly hair is cuter then messy straight hair! hehe


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