What I wore Wednesday

Chicago was (seriously!!) 98 degrees today, with a heat index of 105. When I woke up this morning, all I could think of was…what is the least amount of clothes I can wear that is work appropriate? So I decided to wear a summer dress that may, or may not be too formal for work. Shucks, I got lots of compliments so I may have to wear more dresses, more often. 
I found this gem at Banana Republic a few years ago and only wore it once before today. I’m so happy I wore it again!!!!
I’m also psyched because I just took my first ballet class in 4 years! I took a novice class and stayed the intermediate class afterwards.  It’s a little intense wearing a leotard for 3 hours, but I got used to it, again. It felt phenomenal to stretch and dance and to feel the burn.
Barre work was fun. I hope I looked like this….

I did a little bit of this… probably didn’t look this flexible…

After all that sweating, I’d love to go swimming but I think I’ll wait for it to cool down!
By the way, here’s a little more summer inspriration for the Seattlites who don’t have any sun…

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