My amazing husband’s amazing cooking!

I gave my husband a fun cookbook called, Emeril’s New New Orleans Cooking, for Christmas and I’m so happy that I did. 
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

 Tonight, Mr. F made mussels in fennel pernod broth. It was delicious and we ate almost two pounds of mussels! I also love the smell of licorice from the pernod!

A few weeks ago, Mr. F made scallops with cilantro oil. Until this year, I had no idea that I love scallops. Thank you Emeril and Mr. F for introducing me to more seafood! It is so awesome and healthy!! 
Since we are on a healthy kick, we’re trying not to eat simple carbs, except on Saturday. For breakfast, Mr. F made fried eggs with cilantro, tomatoes, and sweet peppers on a pita. Yum!
We’ve been eating more shrimp recently too. I used to think that I hated it but it’s actually quite tasty when prepared well. My husband likes to use Emeril’s Essence Creole seasoning on nearly everything and it’s sooo tasty, especially with shrimp, fresh avocado, black beans and Mexican queso blanco.
My favorite recipe is fried okra (with olive oil, salt and pepper), creole pork chops and creole white beans. 
If you like cooking, or are lucky to have a chef in the house, check out this wonderful cookbook!
Emeril's New New Orleans Cooking

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