For the love of a cupcake…

I will run 3 miles! 

 On Sunday afternoon, Mr. F and I ran intervals before indulging in delicious reuben sandwiches and cupcakes at a cute deli down the street. If that wasn’t enough exercise already, we ended up walking another 4 miles (roundtrip) to a wine tasting at Lush.
Tonight, we ran from our house to the Sheffield neighbor to go to DMK burger bar. The parmesan and truffle creme fries were worth the 3 miles! They have an amazing menu
Check the awesome review and menu pictures on Jeff Eats Chicago blog.
We love running to lunch and/or dinner. We call it “negative calories”. What’s your favorite summer exercise?

One thought on “For the love of a cupcake…

  1. Crafty-Wafty

    Hey Emily! This is Stephanie (I met you at the Anthroholic event a few months ago.) I have been reading your blog. 🙂 Loved your trip pics! I also looked at the 4-hr book you mentioned. How is it going? Had to say hi and post a comment on today’s blog. I am ADDICTED to Molly’s Cupcakes and run the United Run for the Zoo in Lincoln Park each year just as an excuse to get cupcakes from Molly’s afterward. 🙂 Anyway, hope all is well and that you have found some good Anthro deals during all of the sales this summer. 🙂


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