Daily Archives: June 22, 2011

Summer Bucket List

This is my first summer in Chicago and it’s amazing. I am really, really enjoying all the sun, the street fairs, the sailboats on Lake Michigan, and the alfresco dining. The humidity is a little much, but fortunately Chicago is always windy, so I’m not dying.

I was inspired by Danielle on Breakfast at Toast to start a summer bucket list. Plus, the power is out at work so I was able to leave early….but I need to wait for my carpool buddy.

This weekend I plan on taking an architectural boat tour with the in-laws! Yay for Groupon!
I can’t wait to see the “fireworks on Lake Michigan”, just like Kanye sings about in “Homecoming“. It’s every Wednesday and Saturday at the Navy Pier!
I’d also like to paddle board or kayak on the Chicago River,
Go to as many rooftop restaurants and/or bars as possible!
See movies in the park. Last night they were showing Salt near my house, but it got rained out!
Paint my nails with a shimmery hot pink color, like Zoya’s Lola or Rica!
Taste of Chicago (or Taste of River North!)