Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

And I wanted thunderstorms….

When I moved to Chicago, I told everyone I was excited to live in a city that had thunderstorms. Well…now I’m really getting them….

Yes, they are still very, very exciting, but not at 1:30am. Also, I have never seen soo many shades of dark grey in the sky before. It’s fascinating.

All the rain makes me want to listen to Tchaikovsky, particularily Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.

Chicago’s having a heat wave

Geez it was 98 degrees in Chicago today, at least that’s the car registered. I went for a walk at lunch and there was a hot breeze, so it wasn’t too miserable. Mr. F and I are trying to adapt to the real seasons here and so far, we’ve been pretty successful.

We are really looking to going to Barcelona next week, especially since it’s cooler there. It’s only in the 70s!

I love how cool and refreshing this look emulates, perhaps I should invest in more pink linen shirts, or pink shorts for Chicago summers.

Source: style.com via Holly on Pinterest

I’d also tempted to eat more ice cream cake this summer…..  🙂

Source: thenest.com via Emily on Pinterest