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I love the rain

Do you enjoy the rain? I revel in it.
Although this week, I’m missing out on the Chicago Rain because Mr. F and I enjoying the sunny beaches in Barcelona.
Fortunately, we have a lovely, lovely cousin/friend who is checking on the kitties, so they’re not too lonely.
Here’s my favorite rain attire for jumping puddles and watching for raindrops on roses.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

This is one of my favorite scenes from My Neighbor Totoro.
I also love watching the rain come in from the suburbs. Our view showcases the storms beautifully!

Running in the Rain and Dreamy Dresses

I woke up and it was dreary outside. 
Since fog had covered all of downtown Chicago, 
I started a lazy Sunday morning by catching up on Grey’s Antomy and looking at dreamy 
 For example, how lovely is this peach dream? 
I wish I had an excuse to wear it!
Source: via Linda on Pinterest
I decided to get in a quick morning run before the thunderstorms hit, and we ran right into one! I went from this relaxed feeling: 

to this invigorated state in a few minutes:

Mr. F and I got back to the apartment completely soaked but loving it. This is what it looks like outside right now. 
Are you exhilarated by rain? I know I am. It must my Seattle upbringing! 🙂

Welcoming the long weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! In Chicago, it’s suppose to rain and thunderstorm over the weekend,  but I don’t mind!

I’m excited to sleep in and attend a fun BBQ on Sunday. We’re going to bring Navy beans, Red and White wine to be festive. I think we should bring a fun Washington wine like, Mark Ryan‘s Vincent!

Hopefully, Monday’s weather will have more….

What are you doing for the long weekend?

Addicted to Pinterest

Currently, I’m looking up ideas for Barcelona with the help on Pinterest. Check out my Barcelona ideas board at

I’ve ordered my Moleskine Barcelona to capture all my ideas and write my own travel guide.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

If you’re not aware of Pinterest, or you haven’t pinned much: