Spring hits Chicago….not quite

Spring hits Chicago by cellophanetower
Spring hits Chicago, a photo by cellophanetower on Flickr.

Currently it’s thundering and pouring in Chicago. Yesterday it snowed. I love these beautiful spring flowers though, especially since they look like grapes! Is it springtime in your town?

Right Now Next 36 Hours
Light Rain Tonight Tomorrow Tomorrow Night
Rain / Thunder Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Light Rain Rain / Thunder Cloudy Partly Cloudy
38°F 37° 46° 32°
Feels Like: 29°

Low High Low
Past 24-hr:
Precip: 0.97 in (est.)
Snow: 0 in
Chance of Rain:
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Precip:
From NE at 17mph gusting to 27mph
N at 19 mph
NW at 19 mph
NW at 11 mph

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