Atlas Shrugged, the movie?!

One of my most favorite and memorable books from childhood is Atlas Shrugged. I read it as a teenager and wanted to be Dagny Taggart. She’s self-assured, confident, beautiful and willing to stand by her beliefs until the end of the world. Dagny grew up with everything and wanted for nothing, but still had integrity and a moral code.Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart in “Atlas Shrugged.”  Check out her Rearden Steel bracelet!
Now the book is being made into a movie. I wonder how it will even compare. (I posted about this once before…) I can’t wait to see my favorite characters in person. I can already tell that Francisco d’Anconia is not nearly as dashing as I imagined him, but perhaps the actor’s charisma will change my mind. 
I’m also very curious how Ragnar Danneskjöld will appear in the movie, he’s my second favorite character after Dagny!

I really don’t want to be disappointed if the movie doesn’t measure up to the book. Besides, I never see movies in theatres, (except Harry Potter). I cannot wait to read reviews this movie. 
The trailer is pretty intriguing, so I may not be able to wait until it comes out on DVD. I also just found out that it’s playing at a theatre less than two miles away from me this weekend!
If you’re not aware of the story, here’s the synopsis of Part I:

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