Musings from the windy city

Today was my second day of work, the commute was an hour each way.  I really hope I get a carpool buddy, or brave enough to try the Metra soon. 
My hair is super frizzy and dry here in Chicago, what do I do? I’m looking up deep conditioners and masques, but I’m very open to suggestions. [source] They are so expensive, I’d like to fine one that is highly recommended. [source]
I’m also eye-ing spring dresses like the Shabby Apple Gondola dress![source] The Anthropologie Wispy Cirrus Blouse is pretty and frilly and right up my alley too! [source]

2 thoughts on “Musings from the windy city

  1. Mrs. Bear

    Tahitian or Moroccan oil is the best thing I have ever used on my hair. My mom’s friend works at a salon and she gave me a treatment. You can google it and buy it online!


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