Our first Saturday as Chicago residents

Today was sunny and relatively warm in Chicago! It was a little over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but colder with the windchill. We wandered around the neighborhood looking for brunch.
UrbanSpoon told us to go to Eatt and I had the stuffed French Toast. 
It was tasty but not up to my Seattle brunching standards. I think we’ll have to brave the lines for Toast and Yolk next. 
On our walk, we saw XOCO. A previous co-worker told me to go here. We will definitely be back soon, because it’s within half a mile of our apartment.
I love the advertisements for the Field Museum, Horse exhibit, especially this ad I saw on a bus stop. 
 We had several errands today, but it was tempting to just enjoy the view from our apartment. 
 We got lunch in Sheffield at Devil Dogs. It was delicious and across the street from DePaul University. 
We also went to the Container Store and brought pretty elfa wire mesh drawers for our closets. Our new place is really coming together!

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