Our first few/view days as Chicago residents

Yay, I was super productive today! We are now 90% unpacked! I even did a trial run (commute) to my new job, which starts Monday! I was psyched that the drive wasn’t as long as I anticipated. Although, after I got the confidence boost, I found out that it’s Spring Break week, so there are less cars on the road. Nonetheless, it was a good commute test.We are enchanted with our view of the river.We are getting all the little things settled in the apartment and things are getting better arranged. It feels great to have everything out of boxes but we still need a few shelves and organizing trays to make it look more home-y. We still need to find the perfect wall for our paintings, but we started hanging several of the biggest ones. I even had time to met Mr. F downtown for lunch! I really enjoyed the  walk over the Chicago River bridges too.  [source]
The kitties have been really helpful with organizing things! 
Stinky is the art critic. While Lulu reminds us to relax and chill out. 
Happy Friday everyone!

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