i’m back on online and in Chicago!

We left Seattle early Saturday and started our first leg of the drive to Chicago. We drove 8 hours to Boise and stayed with our good friend from college. The kitties were happy to be out of the car!  Sunday morning, we drove across Idaho, the North tip of Utah,  across Wyoming and down to Boulder, Colorado. It took approximately 12 hours but we were listening to the audiobook, World War Z by Max Brooks and we hardly noticed. Even our two kitties spent the whole day sleeping! 
We meet up with Mr. F’s cousin for the night! Early Monday morning, we drove across the rest of Colorado, the length of Kansas and stopped at St. Louis to stay a night with the in-laws. 
(We saw signs for the Oz Museum when we were halfway across Kansas but didn’t have time to stop!) These 13 hours felt significantly longer and we were listening to a second audiobook, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
Yesterday, we only had a short hop from St. Louis to Chicago. We saw Normal, IL on Wednesday and it made us laugh!
We finally made it to our new apartment in Chicago after 4 days (nearly 40 hours) in the car! The kitties are still a little wary, but they’re busy exploring now and happy to be out of the car. Here’s Lily inspecting the new place, Wednesday afternoon.
This morning, the rest of our stuff got here, so we spent most of the day unpacking and running a few errands. It’s starting to come together! I’ll post more pictures after we put everything away!

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