An Ode to Chicago from a previous co-worker

Chicago…..and all that jazz….

You may notice that it’s really flat
I’d like to know what’s up with that
Did all the mountains go away?
Did they go West on holiday?
Did God who designed an elegant fiord
Stop at Chicago, and because he was bored,
Just decided to do nothing at all
that gave even a hint of being “tall”?

You can go to Millennium Park
It’s really cool there after dark
The fountain and the giant bean
Is something like you’ve never seen
The architecture is great, for sure,
So make sure you take the river boat tour
Enjoy the wind, it blows alot
But being flat that’s all you’ve got.

The winters are bad, or so they say
You tend to stay inside all day
Where it is warm and really nice
If you’re outside, you turn to ice.
The summers tend to be extreme
I’ve heard that water turns to steam
If left out in the sun too long
It may be me, but that just seems wrong…..

I wish you luck and a wonderful trip
There is nothing that you’ll want to skip
Chicago is a wonderful place
And most people you meet won’t require MACE
There is something to be said for that
And it’s not all bad it’s so darn flat….
It is an adventure so just have fun
and now this stupid poem is done……

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