My last day of work in Seattle tomorrow

This week has been a whirlwind. I finally found a few minutes between saying goodbyes to give a quick update on my lovely blog. I’ve been working on finishing major projects at work before I leave tomorrow. Mr. F and I had multiple family dinners with my family this week. We had a fabulous Indian buffet at my work goodbye party today. We’ve met friends for happy hours to catch up. I think we’re practically ready to leave. It’s bittersweet but there’s an awesome adventure ahead of us. Saturday, we start our four day drive though Boise, Boulder, and St. Louis to get to Chicago. I hope our two kitties don’t fuss too much! The vet recommended Rescue Remedy, so hopefully they will be enough of a stress  reliever for them!

[photo taken by my Mom]

The camelias and cherry blossoms are bursting in Seattle. I wonder if the first spring flowers have started to show in Chicago yet.

I’m excited to start my new job April 4th, as well as moving into our new apartment in downtown Chicago!

Hasta luego, Seattle!

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