Our last week in Seattle

It’s a bittersweet post. We’re moving to Chicago in less than a week. Our condo is pretty empty because the moving truck took 90% of our stuff on Friday. The kitties were pretty freaked out and hid in the cupboards for a few hours. Fortunately, they forgot about it by the weekend and they enjoyed frolicking in the extra space.

Mr. F and I went to all our favorite places over the weekend. Saturday, we ran errands including going to Seattle Wine Storage to cellar a significant portion of our wine. It was back breaking lifting our many cases of carefully collected wine, but worth it. We now have a perfect temperature wine storage locker, saving all our wines that need to be aged 3-10 years.

We had dim sum for brunch on Sunday, we went to the Jolly Roger for a post work out treat, we had dinner with my grandparents.

Before we left, Mr. F and I got a picture with the Fremont Troll a few weekends ago, as a reminder of Seattle.  

Seattle…we will miss you.

This was March 2010 on Magnolia. 

We already hope to come back in July to go paddle boarding and enjoy Seattle’s summer!

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