I’m blogging from Mexico!!

I stole away after dinner to blog a few quick words and post a few quick photos. The weather here is heavenly. We arrived on Sunday [Opps, I meant Saturday, I’m already forgetting what day it is!] to 80 degree weather, with sunshine. As we waited for a few friends to get through customs we had Negro Modelo and bottled water. We drove through Los Cabos to Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. I am constantly amazed by the desert flora and fauna in Baja California. [I wish I had taken this photo!]
We jumped in the infinity pool to cool off while our lovely hosts made us flank steak and grilled vegetables with mashed potatoes for dinner with Obelisco Merlot.

This morning, we walked around Pueblo Bonito, Pacifico and the Pacific Ocean for 2 hours. We saw dolphins chasing schools of fish too! After a brunch of potato pancakes and eggs, with leftover steak, J and I spent a few hours at the main hotel pool.

Now we our savoring Betz syrahs, after a sensational dinner of pesto brown rice spagetti and grilled marinated chicken with balsamic vinegar green beans and watching the sunset.
[Please excuse the poor photo quality.]

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