My husband’s birthday dinner at Cantinetta

Last Friday, we went to a restaurant we’ve been meaning to try for awhile, Cantinetta! It’s a romantic, Northern Italian place in Wallingford. We noticed their spectacular wine selection online and knew we had to order a Cayuse or Quilceda Creek for a special occasion. Mr. F’s birthday was the perfect excuse to order one of these amazing Washington wines!
 We had buffalo mozzarella with oil and vinegar and arugula to start! The mozzarella was so creamy and delicious! 
 Mr. F had the steak with extra kale!
I had the hearty risotto with mushrooms. Mmmm, it was so rich that I saved half of it for lunch the next day!
 We were initially told that the Cayuse had sold out and Mr. F was very disappointed. The manager heard that we were interested in this wine and drove over a bottle from the Bellevue restaurant! It was the perfect gift for Mr. F. They even put it on a plate with a candle! 
Dessert was too delectable to describe. I suggest you go here to try the food for yourself!

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