Lovin’ the Social Network

I remember the Fall of 2004, my Senior year at Whitman College. Facebook hit our school and the entire student population joined in one afternoon. I had 400 friends in under 24 hours. It was such a big deal when our little liberal arts college was added to this social network.

I love the movie, the Social Network, because I remember being in the initial craze and excitement. Facebook has been a crucial turning point in my generation’s communication and has changed society. This movie reminds me of my college friends, in particular, it reminds me of first using Facebook in study carols of the library.

My husband says, “how cool would it be, to have been part of that team?”

2 thoughts on “Lovin’ the Social Network

  1. Mrs. Bear

    I remember my friend showing me facebook for the first time in my dorm freshman year in 2003. I thought it was weird… but I joined it, and thought it was pretty cool but not many people were on it. Then rapidly my friends from my school started joining, then people from other schools… now my whole family is on it. Kinda crazy.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I definitely plan on it!


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