Our ABCs of Washington wine

Here’s a list of our favorite Washington wines: 

Abeja  (or Andrew Will
Cayuse   (or Corliss)
Delille  (or Doubleback
Icicle Ridge Creek (we haven’t had it yet but it’s going to be a next favorite, I’m sure)
Maison Bleue  (or McCrea

Stevens   (or Saviah
U (How is Upland Winery the only U winery in Washington? I haven’t tried their wines yet, but I’ve very curious about their ice wine.) 
Woodward Canyon  (I wish I had taken this picture! I love this Chardonnay!)
X (maybe XSV wines will be the first X Washington wine I’ll try!)
Yellow Hawk was one of the first wineries I was introduced to when I lived in Walla Walla for college. Sadly, Washington Wine Report announced this winery closed its doors in July 2010. 
I just read on Washington Wine Report that Cantinetta, in the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle, has many of these wines on their wine list! This sounds like a date night to celebrate the big news Mr. F got today! I may share it on the blog when everything is settled! All photos taken by me, or found on the winery’s website linked on this page!

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