Looong day = open the amazing wine

I definitely had a case of the Mondays. I came home in a bad mood, and Mr. F had this yummy concoction brewing. He mixed chicken tenders, herbs de provence, pinto beans, red kidney beans, a small can of tomato sauce and a little bit of white vermouth, garlic, onions, and strawberry tomatoes together. (This is my new favorite kind of tomato! They were cute, petite, distinctive and lovely in taste!)

The best part of the evening was tasting the Royal City 2007 Syrah. I’m not kidding when I say, “this is the best wine ever!”

3 thoughts on “Looong day = open the amazing wine

  1. Mrs. Bear

    Mmm sounds like a wonderful evening! And that you have a wonderful husband to whip up that delicious concoction and treat you to a glass of wine. Hope your Tuesday is better than your blahblah Monday!


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