My walk to work this morning!

This morning I was inspired to snow shoe to work. When I got outside, there was only an inch of snow on the ground, so I strapped my snow shoes to my pack instead. It was a good thing I brought my trekking poles though, it was an icy morning, even though I waited until the sun was up!I couldn’t stop taking pictures of Christmas colored leaves. I love their striking contrast to the snow!
The sun was rising over Capitol Hill and just peeking around Queen Anne. I love these trees and their light, on the Ship Canal Trail near Seattle Pacific University. 

 The houseboats start at the North end of Queen Anne and they looked particularly charming covered in snow.  The Aurora Bridge is majestic at all times of the day too.
 I walked by one of the houseboats used in the movie, Sleepless in Seattle and enjoyed South Lake Union’s new park. 

The best part of the walk was seeing this crane by the Center of Wooden Boats! I could not believe I was this close to it. 
Did you get a chance to enjoy snow today?

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